Blog resurrected (or not?)

Apparently i have had this blog accounts for 3+ years and i didnt even know it. All this while it’s in deep sleep.

I feel like Captain America now 😎


auto tune win

some of u guys are probably aware about what auto tune is (i.e. the one that the glee casts, katy perry, ke$ha and the likes use).

simply speaking, it is some sort of software that will auto-tune your voice (doh). it will create hallucinogenic sound which will make people believe you can actually sing (God i need that)

enough with the intro, here is what i found from YouTube:

well I’m not going to explain about what the video was about, but i kindly suggest that u watch it before continue reading =)

well apparently, some guys have time in their hands to waste, so they make a song out of it using the auto tune software.


Lyrics (in case u want to sing along)

he’s climbin in your windows

he’s snatchin your people up

tryna rape em so y’all need to

hide your kids, hide your wife

hide your kids, hide your wife

hide your kids, hide your wife

and hide your husband

cuz they’re rapin errbody out here

you don’t have to come and confess

we’re lookin for you

we gon find you

we gon find you

so you can run and tell that,

run and tell that

run and tell that, homeboy

home, home, homeboy

we got your t-shirt

you done left fingerprints and all

you are so dumb

you are really dumb–for real

you are really, really, really, really so dumb

i was attacked by some idiot in the projects

so dumb, so dumb, so dumb, so


bout 5’9″, 5’10”

coffee complexion, low cut like a caesar

with some little waves in his head

clean cut, very smooth face

seein my sister when i walked in

he had his hands around her neck

first thing was to pull him off of her

and that’s what i did


well, obviously we have a rapist in Lincoln Park

are you serious, my boy?

i got your t-shirt

i got your scent

i know what shoe size you wear, my boy

so you can run and hide

but we’re gonna find you, find you

chorus x2 (with ballet dancers, orchestra, choir, etc.)


Well, what can i say? it was good in my opinion =D

the group who made this song is called The Gregory Brothers, which, i believe, led by a guy called Michael Gregory.

he tried to enter American Idol 7, but failed miserably

well, apparently his talent is not singing, although i think he has a good voice, i blame it on the poor song choice.

Damn those spoiler bast***s!!

For those who are planning in watching Hell’s Kitchen. I would personally advice you to stop reading this rant because there will be SPOILER!

For those who do not care, I hope u enjoy reading this.

In these past two days, I was hooked up with Hell’s Kitchen (ah the beauty of being unemployed). I finished watching the whole season 3 in one day (yeah Rock!). The reason I started watching from season 3 is because I accidentally saw the winners from season 1 and 2 from Hell’s Kitchen : The Game. So I did not feel like seeing those first two seasons, what’s the fun of watching them if I already knew who the winners were gonna be? It was like watching a recorded match, no fun at all! (but again, I was watching a recorded show from YouTube so I guess the joke was on me.

I was season 3 smoothly until the final episodes, which saw Rock emerge as the winner of season 3 (which is in my opinion the greatest season among the 7. I felt like reading the viewers’ comments to see about their opinion regarding season 3.

This was when things started to take it in the rear-end, I accidentally saw a comment which spoils the winner of the remaining seasons!! Damn those spoilers bastards, what are their problems! As soon as I realized I was reading a spoiler, I quickly closed the page, but the damage had been done. I already saw the name of the winners from season 4 and 5, which means something like this, “fuck it i’m going straight to season 6”.

If there was one thing that I got from this experience, that was not to read any of the comments again. Because there is one in a hundred chances that there will be an idiot who feels the need to spoil the outcome.

But boy, that was nothing compared to the most fucked up part that I will encounter in season 6.

The story went something like this, I was extremely careful in what I decide to see in the Youtube page. Whenever I chose a video to watch, I tried my best not to look the image in the featured videos because those videos possess the risk of spoiling the result (YouTubers should be able to understand what I am trying to say). I was also avoiding the comments section because I had learned the lesson the hard way in the past.

All seemed to work just fine until the grand finale, episode 15 of season 6, where the two finalists (Dave and Kevin) ready to go toe-to-toe to determine who will be receiving the $250,000, a head chef position in one of the Ramsay’s Restaurant, and the profit sharing of that particular restaurant.

I was so pumped up, I mean, damn this is the ultimate stage, the grande finale, the last battle of this two great cook in this season. So I set my spoiler alarm to the highest level possible, avoiding any comments and the pictures in the featured videos.

Even the uploader was kind enough to warn a spoiler-sensitive viewer like myself:

Thanks dear kind uploader, you spared me from those spoilers bastards……… OR DID YOU?!

As you might have realized, the episode was divided into 5 parts, it went something like this:

Hell’s Kitchen: Season 6: Episode 15 – Part 1/5

Hell’s Kitchen: Season 6: Episode 15 – Part 2/5

Hell’s Kitchen: Season 6: Episode 15 – Part 3/5

Hell’s Kitchen: Season 6: Episode 15 – Part 4/5

Hell’s Kitchen: Season 6: Episode 15 – Part 5/5

After i finished one part, I really tried to be extremely careful when clicking the next part that was available in the featured videos. Because as the uploader said, one of the featured videos had the picture of the winner, so I won’t take the chance of fucking myself up at this point.

This was the disaster hit me in the face, as soon as I finished watching part 4 and going to watch part 5, this was what I saw:

Damn, very smart!! What a fucking way to put a featured video of the winner just before the final part of the episode, very smart YouTube, very smart.


(as Chef Ramsay says, end it with a high note)